Guard Sergeant Garrick Blackoak

  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male


The sergeant of the guard, Garrick is a tough veteran of many battles against evil. He is absolutely loyal to Lord Merec.

His temper, however, has proven his undoing. In the early days of Merec’s rule, Garrick and his men frequented the Stumbling Giant. With his quick temper, Garrick touched off several brawls after overhearing insults against Lord Merec and his men. Since then, Garrick has suffered a miserable reputation among the people of the keep, and Merec’s men are rarely allowed free access to the outer bailey as a result.

Garrick usually questions those who seek entrance to the inner bailey. Rude and easily angered, he rarely allows quick or direct access. At best, Garrick might dispatch a messenger to Ebony Callahan to set up a meeting.


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