Your patron is a powerful lord of lady of the fey – an immortal creature of legend. Their motivations are often inscrutable and sometimes whimsical. Their followers tend to be aloof or excitable.

Corellon – The good aligned god of spring, beauty, and the arts, Corellon is the patron of arcane magic and the fey.

Melora – The neutral aligned god of the wilderness and the sea.

Sehanine – The neutral aligned god of the moon and autumn, Sehanine is the patron of trickery and illusions.

Lurue – Also known as the Unicorn Queen, Lurue is the good aligned exarch of intelligent and talking beasts.

Relkath – The Lord of Infinite Branches is the neutral aligned exarch of trees.

Neifieon – The evil aligned Lord of Bats is the exarch of beasts of the night.

Verenestra – The good aligned exarch of faeries, dryads, nymphs and sylphs.

Skerrit – The neutral aligned exarch of centaurs and horses.

Abyssal Lords (Archfiends, Demons)

Your patron is a fiend from the abyss – a demon. Demonic beings embody chaos and destruction and their followers often relish the prospect of carnage.

Vecna – The evil god of undead, necromancy, and secrets.

Gruumsh – The evil god of destruction and lord of marauding barbarian hordes.

Baphomet – The neutral exarch of labyrinths and patron of minotaurs.

Dagon – Prince of the Depths, evil exarch of sea monsters.

Pazuzu – The Dark Angel, evil exarch of the wind.

Yeenoghu – Evil exarch of savagery and patron of gnolls.

Demogorgon – Prince of demons, evil exarch of terror.

Malcanthet – The Succubus Queen, evil exarch of seduction.

Archdevils (Archfiends, Devils)

Your patron is a fiend from hell – a devil. Devils embody corruption and decay. Their followers are often meticulous, ruthless and calculating.

Asmodeus – The evil god of the Nine Hells. He is patron of the powerful, god of tyranny and domination, and the commander of devils.

Fierna – The evil exarch of fire and brimstone.

Bel – The evil exarch of treachery and ambushes.

Dispater – The neutral exarch of stoicism and planning.

Belial – The evil exarch of love and pain.

Levistus – The neutral exarch of ice.

Baalzebul – Lord of Flies, King of Slugs. The neutral exarch of filth, disease and decay.

Mephistopheles – The Fickle King, evil exarch of contradictions and unpredictability.

Old Ones

Your patron is a mysterious entity whose nature is utterly foreign to the fabric of reality. It is ancient, vast and its motivations are utterly unknowable but compelling nonetheless. Followers of Old Ones act on primal urges and instinct more than carefully laid plans.

Torog – The King that Crawls, Torog is the evil god of imprisonment and torture.

The Raven Queen – The neutral god of death, fate and winter.

Cthulhu – The evil exarch of insanity.

Bokrug – The neutral exarch of dreams.

Hastur – The evil exarch of sacrifice.

Mhar – The evil exarch of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Tychillarius – The neutral exarch of the senses.

Xhamen-Dor – The neutral exarch of mushrooms and fungus.


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