The Pantheon

The deities of the realm are split into three core alignments: good, neutral and evil. This is not to say that all followers of a good god are good, or all followers of an evil god are evil. Shades of grey exist within the pantheon and it is not unusual for someone with a deep devotion to a particular deity to make offerings to another – for example a follower of Bahamut may make offerings to Melora before undertaking a voyage at sea.

Each deity holds sway over a portfolio of domains and is supported by a series of lesser deities called exarchs. Not all exarchs are loyal to their deity. While deities and exarchs are functionally immortal, they can be killed. Most are particularly vulnerable when manifested on or influencing the prime material plane and as such, their direct interference is an uncommon occurrence.

Good Deities

  • Avandra – Goddess of change and freedom.
  • Bahamut – God of justice, protection & nobility.
  • Moradin – God of creation and artisans.
  • Pelor – God of the sun and summer.

Neutral Deities

  • Corellon – God of the sprint, beauty and the arts.
  • Erathis – Goddess of civilisation.
  • Ioun – Goddess of knowledge, skill and prophecy.
  • Kord – God of strength, battlefield prowess and thunder.
  • Melora – Goddess of the wilderness and the sea.
  • The Raven Queen – Goddess of death and winter.
  • Sehanine – Goddess of the moon, autumn, trickery and illusions.

Evil Deities

  • Asmodeus – God of tyranny and domination.
  • Bane – God of war and conquest.
  • Gruumsh – God of destruction and marauding hordes.
  • Lolth – Goddess of shadow, lies and spiders.
  • Tiamat – Goddess of wealth, greed and envy.
  • Torog – God of imprisonment and torture.
  • Vecna – God of undeath, necromancy and secrets.
  • Zehir – God of darkness, poison and assassins.


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